Album Review: leaders of the new school T.I.M.E.

To be honest, I didn’t listen to this album until 1 week ago! I don’t know why but i never cared about this album until Eric over on bloggerhouse mentioned that he was such a fan of the LONS back in the days! So last week I bought the CD and shiiiit it is f***ing thiiight!!!! (Thanks Eric)

But let’s go track for track:


What can I say? A rap album intro! Nothing spectacular!

2.Understaning the inner minds eye

Thats what I’m talking about. Loving the sample! The drums are typical ’93 style and that’s not a bad thing! Lyricwise Charlie Brown and Dinco D do their thing but as you already thought, Busta Rhymes is the lyrical standout on almost all of the tracks! the fact that he is not rapping alone let’s his vocal abilities shine even more!

3.Syntax era

Another banger! I really like the hook on here don’t ask me why!The beat is also “crazy stupid nice”@Lord Finesse! On this track i like Charlie Brown’s performance a little bit more than Busta’s

4.Classic Material

They already explain it in the Hook: ” Charlie Brown is classic, Dinco D is classic, Busta Rhymes is classic!” I’m loving the horns sprinkled all over the track! The beat is very Pete Rock style!

5.Daily Reminder

Again horns all over the track! I’m a fool for horns!!! Loving this track

6.Quarter to Cutthroat

The fifth banger in  a row! Especially the drums are nice! It’s one of my most favourite snares ever!


Nice beat… a little bit repetitive after a while! But nevertheless a tight track! Also loving the first verse of Busta!

8.What’s next

My favourite track so far! The sample is just sooo funky! Way better than the Large Pro Remix

9.Droppin’ it-4-1990-ever


10.Time will tell

Don’t like this track so much. The sample seems to just don’t fit in the track.The Drums are a bit weak too!

11.Bass is loaded

Skull Snaps drums! I Like skull snaps drums!! A very minimalistic beat Just drums and a bassline with a bit of horns! Niiice!!  In my opinion it’s Dinco D’s shining moment on the album! He fits perfect over this beat of course besides Busta! Crazy performance!!!!

12.Spontaneous (13 mc’s deep)

Good track. Something between Time will tell and bass is loaded

13.Noisy meditation

The sample at the beginning is very well known! Overall a good track! The beat let’s much room for the MC’s to shine! Just the hook is not necesseraly my cup of tea!

14.End is near

I don’t like the singing of Dinco D! But besides that, nice track!


Another Skit.


Again the horns on the track get me! Did i mention  that I’m  loving horns? solution

Album outro.

Verdict: I’m loving this album! Most of the beats are great even for the year 93′ combined with the flow monster busta rhymes and the other two MC’s who also got skills it is a must buy for any Golden Age fan!!!


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